2700 Simplicity Collection

Available in three different styles and multiple configurations, this collection is a perfect smaller scale option for today’s modern casual family room.

Items in this collection

All dimensions listed are approximate
and may vary due to the handcrafted nature of our products.

Standard: Loose Pillow Back / 19" Throw Pillows.

Number of standard throw pillows represented in illustration.

Arm height: SOCK 24.5", TRACK 24", TUX 25.5"

Width measurements based on widest arm style, the SOCK. Overall width is reduced with these arm options: TRACK and TUX -2.5" per arm. Seating area dimensions are not affected by arm choice.

Download 1/4" Scale PDF

Overall Height: 37

Overall Depth: 37

Inside Depth: 22

Arm Height:

Seat Height: 19

Seat Cushions: HR

HR 22 19

Style Options

2700 Track

Reduces outside width by 2.5" per arm

2700 Tux

Reduces outside width by 2.5" per arm

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