At Huntington House we’re big believers in actually “living” on living room furniture, not just looking at it. Therefore our goal is to provide a fabric and leather selection that will stand up to real life use. And let’s face it, from kids to pets, to friends and everything in between, life can get messy at times.

Luckily for us–and our customers–the past several years have brought dramatic innovations in the quality and variety of performance fabrics that are available on the market. Not only are these new fabrics stain resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable; they also look and feel like regular fabrics and are now available in a huge variety of colors and textures.

Not all performance fabrics are created equal, so we’ve done our homework. We’ve curated the best of the best in the performance category to form our EasyClean fabric collection. Each brand that we have chosen for our collection has a unique set of characteristics, which you can learn about below to determine which is the best fit for your home.


Want more info? Click each of the logos below to learn more about each brand.