Huntington House: How It’s Made

Built to Endure

Handcrafted from North Carolina hardwoods, our frames hold an intricate network of hourglass coil springs, each tied securely to the frame in eight different places, ensuring strength, stability and longevity. Complemented by a 2.4 density cushion, the result is exquisite, enduring comfort.


Harvested locally in North Carolina, we use 4/4” kiln dried hardwood lumber as the foundation for every piece of furniture that we build. Every part is precision-cut and assembled by hand with the utmost attention to detail.

All joints are tightly fitted, glued and double-doweled, and then reinforced with corner blocks for added strength and support. Where possible the legs are built into the design of the frame for added structural integrity. Our frames are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Our spring support

Our furniture features true eight-way hand tied support to deliver the ultimate comfort experience. Steel bands are stretched under strips of polypropylene webbing and double nailed to the frame which serves as the foundation of the platform. Rows of double cone coil springs are then securely attached to the platform and hand tied using premium twine from the frame to each neighboring coil at eight separate points, creating long-lasting comfort. Eight-way hand tying is an age-old construction technique, passed down through generations of craftsmen and women. It is an art which takes time and patience, but for exquisite comfort there is no substitute. Our spring support is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Our cushions

We offer six different seat cushion comforts, from firm to soft, all featuring 2.4 density, high resiliency soy-based foam wrapped in plush dacron fiber and encased in a soft fabric ticking.

Our back cushions are loose for easy routine maintenance and channel backed and baffled to hold fiber filling in place, causing the cushion to maintain its shape and prevent sagging over time.

Just like a car needs routine maintenance to keep it performing properly, upholstery cushions need a little love every now and then to keep them looking new. Please make sure to flip and rotate your cushions regularly.

360 degree tailoring

When viewed from any angle–front, side, or back–our skilled artisans have cut and sewn the various fabric panels so that lines and patterns match up perfectly all the way around the piece. Taking the time and skill necessary to incorporate this level of detail is a hallmark of high quality upholstery.


Quality sewing is a labor-intensive process that is crucial to creating a fine piece of upholstery. Unlike other upholstery factories that pay by the piece, our sewers are paid hourly, which allows them to put the right amount of time and attention into each piece.