2300-31 MOD Square Corner

FABRICS SHOWN (available in other fabrics)

This design takes family room time to a whole new level! The Mod style has a fashion-forward, modern look. It comes standard with the sink-in luxury of our Ultra Down cushion for a soft and supportive seating experience. Available in the fabric or leather of your choice. All of our products are crafted by hand in the foothills of North Carolina, using time-tested manufacturing techniques and the finest materials available. Visit one of our retailers to learn how you can make it your own. 41″ depth standard. To order 45″ depth, add “LUXE” to the product number. Extra charge applies for LUXE depth.

Product Description: Square Corner 

Finish: Specify Finish 
Back: Two Loose Back Cushions 
Seat Cushions: One Ultra Down Cushion 
Outside Dimensions: 41“W x 41“D x 37“H
Inside Dimensions: 24“W x 24“D

0 Seat Height: 18"
Throw Pillows: One 19" Throw Pillow 

UD-1 24 18

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2300-51 MOD LUXE
30"W x 45"D x 37"H
2300-43 MOD LUXE
67"W x 45"D x 37"H
2300-35 MOD LUXE
71"W x 58"D x 37"H
2300-34 MOD LUXE
71"W x 58"D x 37"H
2300-51 MOD
30"W x 41"D x 37"H

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